The NFT planet where every Phallus is unique and free!


We are a team of artists, developers and financial analysts. Together we discovered Family Phallus Planet - FAPP.

Whether you are a male or a female, gay or lesbian, feminist or masculist, transsexual or pansexual - we don't care. We want to show the whole world that Phalluses are not disgusting, but cute and beautiful! Our mission is to help fight AIDS, stop body shaming and prove that art should be provocative.

Family Phallus Planet (FAPP) is a collection of 8888 unique generative 2.5-inch NFT Phalluses living on the Ethereum blockchain. FAPP is far from boring, every Phallus here knows exactly how to deal with boredom. Just look at them! They know they're small, but they DGAF about it. Phalluses support each other and focus on their strengths, while humans pay too much attention to their problems.

On Family Phallus Planet everyone can find friends and forget about stupid stereotypes. Mint your own unique Phallus and join our exclusive community!

storyline image


8888 generative NFTs.

175 Traits

7 kinds of attributes

3 groups

Every Phallus has a unique combination of background color, skin type, eyes, mouth, head and accessories.

5% Dope group

Precious attribute image
Precious attributes

40% Wild group

Halloween attribute image
Halloween attributes
Cyber attribute image
Cyber attributes
Animal attribute image
Animal attributes

55% Basic group

Common attribute image
Common attributes
Superhero attribute image
Superhero attributes
Protection attribute image
Protection attributes
Stoned attribute image
Stoned attributes


Sales Plan

  • We will sell 200 tradable #FAPP Comic Book - FAPP-CB NFTs that give you pre-sale access and let you buy up to 7 Phalluses before the public sale, gives you 1 Free Phallus NFT, 25% discount for the main drop and a chance to win $2000 and a Rare Phallus!
  • After one week all FAPP-CB holders will get pre-sale access.
  • After the pre-sale is completed we will start the public sale. During the public sale everyone will be able to buy tradable #FAPP loot boxes.
  • After everything is sold out, we will reveal all 8888 loot boxes and you will see your Phalluses.


20% FAPP is everywhere!

roadmap first image

We’ll invest our funds in marketing. We’re great and everyone should hear about us!

40% Charity time!

roadmap second image

FAPP will make a donation to the AIDS Foundation.

60% How rare is your Phallus?

roadmap third image

FAPP will be added to «».

80% #FAPP merch store!

roadmap fourth image

Our official FAPP nft merch store will be unlocked for collectors.

90% Phalluses need friends!

roadmap fifth image

We’ll drop a new NFT collectible.

Every collector will be able to mint one free companion for a Phallus. Just pay the gas fee.

100% Elections on FAPP

roadmap sixth image

A video game? A web series? Or maybe something new and crazy? All Phalluses will vote for the future of FAPP!


We don’t think that anybody can predict the future of FAPP. Family Phallus Planet is a democratic planet where every Phallus can vote and decide what FAPP should do to become the most interesting NFT project.
We want to create a community where everyone can be useful. Together we are strong!


We will take 9% from the secondary market as royalties. That's what we're going to do with all this money!

  • Free NFT

    We'll develop new collections for our metaverse, we have many ideas.

    Every holder will be able to mint 1 free NFT companion for their Phalluses.

  • Floor price

    15% from royalties will be used for buying the floor price tokens. We're going to burn these tokens to increase the rarity of the collection. These actions will raise the price.

  • Bounties

    We think that we must encourage our collectors. Every month we'll send up to 10% from our royalties to five random holders.

  • Fire

    If we don't sell everything we'll just burn all unsold NFTs, it means that our collectors will benefit anyway.